Monday, April 11, 2011

Dead Inside the Chrysalis


Genres: Electropunk / New Wave / Synthrock

Dead Inside The Chrysalis or DiTC are an Australian Electropunk/Synth Rock band based in Sydney. They have supported Deadsy, Wednesday 13, The Follow, Zombie Ghost Train, Nitzer Ebb, The Red Paintings, USA's Genitorturers, Mindless Self Indulgence and most recently the German industrial band KMFDM.

Dead Inside the Chrysalis are a very special band to me. I've been following them for 10 years now, since they were just a duo pumping out hardcore electropunk on Over the years, their band lineup may have changed a few times, but DiTC's frontman Manek Deboto (who is also invovled with Joystixx) has been the driving force from the beginning, fueling the band's creativity and pushing it forward.

Throughout the years, their sound has evolved, changed, and become more polished. Some of their early tracks had a more raw, experimental edge to them. In the mid 2000's they began sounding more like a hard rock band with accompanying synths, as their tracks began being produced by Lamar Lowder, known for producing Powerman 5000. For the past few years now they've been producing their own music independantly under the Electricult record label. Sounding better than ever, they're now more true to their own eclectic sound.

The few videos they have on You Tube don't do them justice. I highly encourage you to listen to more of their songs on bandcamp. Taking in mind what I said, listen to some of their older releases as well. Their old stuff varies quite a bit from their newer tracks.

Some of their earlier, grittier, tracks:

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  1. They look a bit zany, lol. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll check them out.

  2. Freaky stuff, interesting though.

  3. That's a crazy looking band!

  4. That stuff was all pretty killer.

  5. another interesting post! keep up this good blogging!

  6. gonna check it out. thanks for sharing !

  7. Weird stuff. Not bad. Just weird =\