Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Marty Party

Genre: Electronic / Dubstep / "Purple"

Here's an artist that's got a different sound with regards to the Electronic/Dubstep scene that a buddy of mine came across lately. Not really my taste, but I'm posting him because his music is different from others within the genre.

From artist website:
MartyParty started producing his own flavor of music in 2005 with the mission to change the monotony of electronic music by creating an entirely different electronic sound: more musical, more story telling, and more diversity in the beats. The result is a growing anthology of MartyParty music crossing over most popular genres into a rich sound he calls Purple.

MartyParty’s live “Purple Opera” is a seamless voyage through an original music collection taking the audience on a the roller coaster ride of emotion and dance.  Intense bass, huge beats, emotional melodies and cutting edge sound design all come together for a wild trip – unique to every performance.

There are no “disks” and he is no “jockey.”  Working without headphones using Ableton Live on a laptop, the ability to mix more than two channels creates an entirely new audio experience for the audience. The live set is a show… a high energy, intense dance party.

More music and info:
Official Site


  1. Well, this is different from Dubstep... not saying worse or better... just different

  2. kind of electro easy listening, really liked shorty

  3. I like your vids. Interesting.

  4. Wow this guy is good!
    I post music similar to yours on my blog, please check it out!

  5. Cross between Electro and Dubstep? Sounded awesome!

    After listening, I thought Skukuza sounded pretty much what I expected 'Eletrostep' to sound like, but it was 10x better!

    Shorty was awesome as well, thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Very nice tracks. Keep it up.