Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Pillows

Genre: Alternative Rock / Indie Rock / Power Pop

Unless you're a J-Rock fan or have heard their music in the FLCL anime, you probably haven't heard of The Pillows. That is, if you aren't Japanese. Together since 1989, they've got 17 albums under their belt. With good reason, as their Indie Rock sound is solid and varied. Very nice tunes to listen to when you're just hanging around.

More music and info:
Official Site


  1. This really sounds awesome. I'll make sure to get the album

  2. sounds good, just not my type of music =P

  3. I like I like J-Rock and I like this band :]

  4. I'm glad some of you dig the music I'm posting. There's really just as much a chance that you'll like it as dislike it, so if you're not digging a certain band, you may dig the next band I post. I see that becomeing the nature of this blog as I try to post bands that out there on the fringe of musical tastes.

  5. Love the videos man! Awesome stuff thanks for sharing!